Tuition and Costs

Tuition costs for the School of Anesthesia are $750 yearly. Tuition at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse varies from semester to semester depending on the credit load. Total costs for the entire program are approximately $15,000 for students who are Wisconsin residents and $30,000 for non-residents. Tuition payments for the School of Anesthesia are due on a yearly basis in August. UW-La Crosse payments are due on a semester basis. View tuition, fee and refund information for UW-La Crosse

Anticipated Costs (Franciscan Healthcare only)
The costs of program are as follows:

  • Application Fee - $20

  • Acceptance Fee - $750

The Application Fee must accompany the application. The Acceptance Fee is payable only after one is accepted to the school. It is applicable to the tuition but not refundable. 

Textbook Costs
The cost of required textbooks, syllabi and duplicating services for the full program is approximately $500. This cost is payable upon entering the program. A fully equipped and modern classroom with an extensive library is maintained for exclusive use by our students. 

American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) Membership
Upon entering the school, all students are jointly registered with the Council on Accreditation and Council on Certification. The fee is $200 for the duration of the program. 

Refund Policy
Should any student withdraw for any reason or should any student be dismissed for any reason, the school will have tuition refunded according to the following schedule: 

For Student Leaving Before Amount Refunded
December 31 (first year) $300
December 31 (second year) $200

Franciscan Healthcare will not offer refunds on books and has no control over fees paid to UW-La Crosse. 

Loans and Grants
Applications for financial aid can be obtained from the University of Wisconsin Financial Aid Office. No stipend is paid in any part of the program.