The Franciscan Healthcare School of Anesthesia, as a vital part of Franciscan Healthcare, subscribes to the philosophy of that organization. We fervently promote Christian concepts which emphasize the dignity of all human persons, their origin, purpose and destiny. Society is a complex and evolving entity within which the common good and the changing needs of groups and individuals must be fulfilled. As a member of society, every person has a basic right to good health care and easy access to health care service.

We believe that certified nurse anesthetists form an integral part of the total health care system by virtue of advanced scientific knowledge and competency in technical skills. 

We believe that anesthesia care is an individualized therapeutic relationship which recognizes the individual dignity of the patient and his right to life.

We accept that the nurse anesthetist assumes a professional obligation to preserve these concepts in his/her relationship with the patient.

We believe that upon completion the student is prepared to be not only a certified nurse anesthetist, but with graduate education, a potential educator and researcher in the sense that clinical investigation and problem solving are an integral part of nurse anesthesia. As a result, the student will have developed insight and direction for resourceful and constructive professional practice, will regard life-long education as a professional obligation, will use sources of knowledge effectively and fulfill professional, ethical, and societal obligations.