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Pregnancy and Work
Work more comfortably while pregnant

For most women, taking nine months off to rest while pregnant is not a possibility. Women often plan to work right up to their due date in order to get the most time possible with their baby during maternity leave. But working during pregnancy isn’t always easy. In order to stay healthy and productive on the job, it’s helpful to understand how to alleviate common pregnancy discomforts.

Patient Stories

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Bariatric surgery and healthy lifestyle help Chippewa Falls woman lose and keep off weight

Like many of us, Leslie Swoboda has struggled with her weight for yea­rs. The 54-year-old Chippewa Falls, Wis., woman has tried various weight loss programs, dropping pounds periodically just to re-gain them after falling back into old habits.

Chance discovery leads to baby’s successful surgery

Mandy and Tyler Leopold, of Austin, Minn., adopted Elliana at birth. She was born May 3, 2013, and her infancy was completely normal until 16 months.

One shake is all it takes

Kelsie Kuyath was at work when she received a phone call that would change her life. Her then-husband was on the line, telling her that their youngest daughter, 4-month old Kyra, was having a seizure.

Patient returns home quickly thanks to Home Health

If given the choice, most people steer clear of hospitals. But if you have to go, the next best thing is returning to the comforts of home as soon as possible. That’s where Mayo Clinic Health System’s Home Health services come into play, by providing care when medical support is needed at home.

Darkness brings a new perspective on Chippewa Falls resident’s way of life

Renee Kuester-Sebranek, Chippewa Falls, wasn’t born blind, but she was aware at 17 that her vision would slowly decline and lead to blindness at some point in her adult life.

Expanded Special Care Nursery means more care options for premature infants

Caring for a newborn can be a challenge. Caring for a premature newborn who is hospitalized 90 miles away from home is even more of a challenge. Just ask Mankato resident Callie Vanderhoof.

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Mayo Clinic Children’s Center

This year, Mayo Clinic celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Mayo Clinic Eugenio Litta Children’s Hospital. However, Mayo Clinic’s history in caring for children, both locally and across the region, began long before the creation of the children’s hospital.

Pet dog brightens days of hospice patients

Cindi Thurston, hospice volunteer, is part of the pet therapy team at Mayo Clinic Health System. She and her partner, Watson, travel to homes and nursing facilities in the Chippewa Valley visiting with hospice patients. Read her story...

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