Billing & Insurance

You can make payment arrangements with Mayo Clinic Health System in Faribault at your first visit. You should bring your proof of insurance to each visit.

If you have insurance, you should make your insurance co-payment at the time of the appointment.

You are responsible for full payment of all services regardless of the amount covered by any third parties such as insurance companies or Medicare.

Payment can be made with:

We would prefer that you pay the balance of your charges upon the receipt of your billing statement. This allows for complete itemization and documentation of all charges. However, you can pay most of your bill at our cashier window after your appointment.

If you have questions about your bill, please contact Patient Financial Services at 1-844-217-9591(toll free).

Even though your medical appointment was at a Faribault facility, business office personnel in Owatonna are happy to answer your billing questions.

Insurance Payments

If you have insurance, Mayo Clinic Health System in Faribault will file your claims for you within a few days of your visit. Please provide our patient services representative with:

  • Your insurance identification card or the name and address of your insurer
  • Appropriate insurance policy numbers, Medicare numbers, or Medical Assistance numbers
  • Office co-payments required by your insurer

If you have more than one health insurance carrier, make sure you give the patient services representative information about each insurance carrier that may provide coverage for the services you receive at Mayo Clinic Health System in Faribault.

Patients are expected to understand their insurance coverage and to inform Mayo Clinic Health System in Faribault of any restrictions in coverage or special authorization required to receive services.

Patients are responsible for full payment of all services regardless of the amount covered by any third parties such as insurance carriers or Medicare.

Personal Payments

If you pay for Mayo Clinic Health System in Faribault services yourself, you are required to pay a $100.00 pre-service deposit before the time of your appointment. You will also be responsible for all remaining charges beyond the $100.00 deposit.

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Amount Generally Billed

Patients determined to be eligible for financial assistance will not be charged more than amounts generally billed (AGB) to those who have insurance coverage for emergency or other medically necessary care. Eligible patients with insurance coverage will not be personally responsible to pay more than AGB after all payments by the health insurer have been applied. Read more about the basis for calculating amounts charged.