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The evaluation and treatment of communication disorders and swallowing disorders.

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Understanding aphasia and communicating effectively with those afflicted

What if you lost your ability to express and understand language? That's what aphasia does — it steals your ability to communicate. Find out more about its effects and how to deal with those afflicted.

Shayna Miller CCC-SLP By Shayna Miller June 18, 2014

Help is available for speech and language disorders

Speaking and language abilities vary from person to person, but not just anyone can execute those skills.

Monica Marzinske CCC-SLP By Monica Marzinske February 21, 2014
Jennifer Dull CCC-SLP By Jennifer Dull February 21, 2014

Understanding aphasia: 10 tips for improving communication

Imagine being dropped off in a country where you speak very little of the native language, and as long as the native speakers speak slowly, you only understand bits and pieces. This is very similar to how someone with aphasia may feel every day.

Jody Englert SLP By Jody Englert December 26, 2013

Aphasia — Putting the disorder into words

Aphasia is a challenging communication disorder that creates many obstacles for patients and their families.

Sarah Krenik-Hoffmann CCC-SLP By Sarah Krenik-Hoffmann June 5, 2013