Lymphedema Therapy

Candidates for lymphedema therapy include patients who've experienced a mastectomy, post-traumatic swelling, other post-surgical swelling, amputations, sports injuries and other injury to the lymph nodes.

Therapy includes manual lymphatic drainage, compression therapy utilizing bandages and/or garments, and gentle exercises. Patients also receive extensive education about skin and nail care to prevent infections and minimize other complications and/or progression of lymphedema.

While there is no cure for lymphedema, therapy helps patients manage the disease in order to increase function, comfort and quality of life.


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Lisa Wenzel OTR
Lisa Wenzel, O.T.R.
Lymphedema Therapy, Occupational Therapy
Rachelle Bizjak PT
Rachelle Bizjak, P.T.
Lymphedema Therapy, Physical Therapy
Patty Peterson OTR
Patty Peterson, O.T.R.
Lymphedema Therapy, Occupational Therapy