Nursing Orientation


Our Nursing Orientation Program offers education for the necessary skills to maintain the high quality of care that Mayo Clinic Health System consistently provides. New employees can expect many opportunities for professional growth.


New employees will attend one day of general orientation, four days of central nursing orientation, and one day of computer training. Additionally, staff will come back six weeks after hire for an additional day of orientation and evaluation. Some topics covered in orientation include:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Patient  and family centered focus
  • Safety/infection control
  • Quality and safety
  • Professional advancement and practice
  • Communication skills
  • Pain management
  • Care of the general-medical and surgical patient
  • Skills and hands on training
  • Wellness and body ergonomics

Additional orientation and classes are provided for nurses in specialties and for new graduates.

Unit Orientation

After completion of central nursing orientation, new employees begin unit orientation with an assigned preceptor. Each unit has a practice and professional clinician that assists with unit needs. The length of unit orientation varies depending on the nursing unit and the level of experience of the new employee. 


If you have questions about the Nursing Orientation Program, please contact Human Resources at 1-800-327-3721 (toll-free).

Additional Information

Please visit our Classes and Events page for information on our ECCO (Essential of Critical Care Orientation) and ENA (Emergency Nurse Association Orientation Online) classes.