RN Preceptor Program

The Preceptor Program offers several benefits for nursing staff at Mayo Clinic Health System. New nurses receive support orienting to their new role and experienced nurses are given the opportunity for professional growth while precepting orientees. Our program allows preceptors to facilitate one-to-one relationships with new nursing staff for orienting and socializing new nurses to their role. The Preceptor Program serves as a uniform framework to support the efficient, effective integration and enculturation of new staff R.N.s into the Department of Nursing at Mayo Clinic Health System. The program provides a structure that supports six essential components that promote uniformity throughout the Department of Nursing:

  • Standard selection process and criteria for new preceptors.
  • Expectations of roles supporting a new staff R.N. in the clinical area.
  • Established staff development plans to support the preceptor in developing/maintaining skills in the role.
  • Guidelines for staffing/scheduling that support the preceptor/orientee process.
  • Mechanisms for preceptor recognition.
  • Ongoing outcome-based evaluation.