Billing & Insurance

Patient Account Services is dedicated to providing a variety of patient services as a courtesy and convenience to you. Our staff understands the complexity of medical charges and insurance issues. Call us at 1-855-587-6487 (toll-free) if you have questions about your bill or need assistance. You can also contact us online and we'll respond as promptly as possible.

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  • Online bill pay

    Mayo Clinic Health System offers e-Statements, a program that provides paperless billing, the ability to view your payment history and pay your bill with a credit card or your checking account.

    - Make a payment using a credit card, debit card or checking account.

    - Subscribe to e-Statements to make online payments and access your past billing statements and payment history.

    When subscribing to e-Statements, have your most recent paper statement available as it contains information you will need. If you receive statements for both clinic and hospital services, you'll need to go through the enrollment process for each.

    If you need assistance, view our frequently asked questions about e-Statements or call Customer Service at 1-855-587-6487 (toll-free).

  • Assistance paying your bill

    Mayo Clinic Health System realizes most medical expenses are unexpected. It's important to let us know as soon as possible if you're having difficulty paying your bill. We'll work with you to create a reasonable payment program to fit your needs. This can include a monthly payment plan or a financial assistance program.

    Payment options

    • Payment plan — Contact Patient Account Services to set up a payment plan of up to 10 months. Extended payment plans are available based on your income and financial need. 
    • Medical Loan Program — Some Mayo Clinic Health System sites can offer you a medical loan program through our lending partner. Patient Account Services can assist you in the application process.
    • Financial counseling — Mayo Clinic Health System provides free financial counseling if you're uninsured or experiencing difficulty paying your medical bills. This includes preservice counseling, explaining payment options, evaluating your financial need and informing you of government assistance funding.
    • Charity Care Program — Mayo Clinic Health System provides financial assistance to patients based on income, assets, family size and employment status. We'll provide you with an application to complete and return. Your financial situation will be reviewed and we'll determine if assistance is appropriate for you.

    Policies and Forms
    Review our policies for more information. 

    - Billing and Collection Policy
    - Contracted Provider List
    Financial Assistance Policy | Plain Language Summary
    - Non-Hospital Charitable Care and Financial Assistance Policy

    In order to qualify for certain programs, you may need to complete a Financial Assistance Application.

  • Health insurance

    If you have insurance:

    • Mayo Clinic Health System will submit your bill to your insurance company. You'll be asked to assign benefits from your insurance company directly to Mayo Clinic Health System. Please remember, your policy is a contract between you and your insurance company, and you have final responsibility for payment of your bill.
    • Copayments will be collected at the time services are performed.
    • We'll request a copy of your insurance card.
    • You're responsible to make sure the requirements of your insurance plan have been met, including precertifications, referrals, etc.

    If you have no insurance, contact our customer service representatives to discuss payment arrangements. They can assist you with applying for Minnesota state health care programs.

  • Statements
    • You'll receive a statement of your account when there is a self-pay balance due and every 30 days thereafter. You won't receive a statement when your account balance is zero.
    • Separate statements will be sent for hospital services and physician/provider services.
    • You can sign up for e-Statements to make payments online and access your past billing statements and payment history.