How to contact a patient

Question: How do I contact someone who is in treatment?

Answer: You can send a card or letter. Once the patient is off of “focus” they will be allowed to contact friends and family via the telephone.

Question: How do I send cards, letters, or packages to someone in treatment?

Answer: Send cards, letters or packages to someone in a Fountain Centers residential program by addressing it as follows:

Patient's Name

Unit name (Men, Women, Adolescent)

Fountain Centers

408 Fountain Street West

Albert Lea, MN 56007

For patients residing in the Board and Lodge housing unit, address as follows:

Patient’s Name

226 Fountain Street West

Albert Lea, MN 56007

Keep in mind when sending “packages”, patients are not allowed to have certain items during their stay with us. Please see the “What to Bring” lists for the corresponding program below, or contact a Fountain Centers staff person to verify they can have the product before sending.

Adult Men 'What to Bring'

Adult Women 'What to Bring'