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Healthy home advice: Falls, chemicals, medications and sharps

Posted by Marie Morris, M.D.
February 09, 2016

When thinking about staying healthy, your home may seem like the safest place. A big part of being healthy means preventing accidents and injuries in your own home. In order to improve your well-being, consider the following tips for reducing falls, lessening household chemical incidents, properly managing medications and disposing of sharps appropriately.

Resource Center(s): Men's Health, Safety, Women's Health

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Do ear infections always need to be treated with antibiotics?

Posted by Leanna Munoz, N.P.
February 05, 2016

I see many parents bring their children in to Express Care with ear infections and request antibiotics, but sometimes antibiotics aren’t the right choice. Most ear infections cure themselves without the help of antibiotics. Read more to learn about symptoms and home remedies.

Resource Center(s): Children's Health (Pediatrics), Parenting

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Keep your kids healthy at school

Posted by Michael Rogge, M.D.
February 05, 2016

There’s always an illness going around at school. Use these tips to help your child stay healthy.

Resource Center(s): Children's Health (Pediatrics)

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