Caring for the family in labor

The BirthPlace has 6 rooms equipped to provide care during labor, delivery and recovery (LDR). We also have a newborn nursery, located directly behind the nurse's station.

Upon your arrival to our unit, you will be assessed by a nurse who will share information with your provider. This assessment may include taking your vital signs (temperature, pulse, respiration rate and blood pressure), feeling your abdomen for strength of contractions, doing a vaginal exam to check for cervical dilation, placing you on an external fetal heart monitor to assess fetal heart rate and frequency of contractions, drawing laboratory tests and asking questions about your current and past health.

Ongoing assessment and evaluation of your labor progress occurs with communication of this information to your provider as needed. You may remain on the fetal heart monitor throughout your labor or you may only have this used intermittently, depending on the health and welfare of both you and your baby. Some providers order an Intravenous (IV) access to be started for their patients. Ice chips or clear liquids will be provided during labor, depending on your providers orders.

In The BirthPlace, it is our goal to make your entire stay a positive one for you and your family. You can assist us by letting us know about any special requests or concerns you may have during your stay.

Watch our video about what you can expect during your stay at The BirthPlace.