Luther Building Fifth Floor

The lights are on!

Welcome to the fifth floor of the Luther Building, located on the Luther Campus at Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire. This 51,000-square-foot hospital floor was made possible by community members and grateful patients with contributions totaling $19 million over the last 30 years. Patients began receiving care on the new floor in January 2017.

Watch this video tour to see the view, and learn about the patient features:


All patient rooms include features designed for patient comfort, such as remote-controlled music, lights, temperature and window shades; room service-style food service; flat-screen TVs with internet access; integrated charging stations for mobile devices; and free Wi-Fi. All rooms have private bathrooms with showers.

Family members can relax in large lounges located on each wing, the central lobby or in the family kitchenette and eating area.

Learn more about what each wing of the floor has to offer:

  • North Wing

    Rapid Discovery & Recovery Unit

    • Twenty patient rooms are dedicated to patients who require a short stay, less than two midnights, whose conditions require additional monitoring.
    • Hospital staff closely monitors these patients to determine if it is safe for them to go home.
    • Patients in these rooms are classified as outpatients.
  • South Wing


    • Fourteen rooms are for patients who are recovering from neurological or trauma injuries, illnesses or surgical interventions and require a multiday stay.
    • The unit cares for pediatric patients who require hospital stays.
    • A security system is used to keep pediatric patients safe during their time in the hospital.
    • Four isolation rooms are for patients suffering from infectious diseases, such as influenza or tuberculosis.

    Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

    • Four patient rooms are designed to evaluate, diagnose and treat seizures in patients.
    • During their stays, patients have continuous video monitoring of vital signs and audiovisual recordings of activities to measure electrical activity in their brains.
    • A stay captures information about seizure types, duration and location in the patient’s brain.
    • The unit is a safe space to make changes to medication and evaluate seizure activity of patients with other health conditions, such as memory loss.

    Neuro Progressive Care

    • Six rooms are for patients who have a neurological injury or illness and require a higher level of care.

    Rehabilitation Services

    • A large space is dedicated to physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy just steps from the patients’ rooms.
    • Equipment is available to help therapists evaluate patients’ movement abilities, including functional activates, such as dressing, cooking and laundry.