High definition endoscopy services offered at Mayo Clinic Health System in Waseca

August 26, 2011

Mayo Clinic Health System in Waseca has now upgraded the endoscopy suite to high definition technology. High definition technology has moved into many homes with HDTV’s and other high definition devices. Undeniable benefits have been seen by consumers and now patients in Waseca will receive those benefits when it comes to their health care. “High definition endoscopes provide more detailed images of the patients’ GI tract and decreases the risk of missed lesions,” says Takis Panagiotakis, M.D., Director of Endoscopy at Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato. “The new equipment improves the physicians’ ability to evaluate for pre-cancerous lesions with better depth perception, clearer, more detailed images,” says Meher, Rahman, M.D., outreach provider for Mayo Clinic Health System. “The high definition functionality creates a more clear picture allowing to see things that otherwise would be difficult to detect. The equipment is also capable of narrow band imaging, which is a high resolution endoscopic technique that enhances the fine structure of the GI tract without the use of dyes”, says Dr. Rahman.

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