Family Medicine Residency Program

The Family Practice Residency program was established in 1998, in affiliation with the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. The rural track program is based at Mayo Clinic Health System, where two residents are selected annually for the family medicine program. PGY-1 occurs at the Medical College of Georgia, a university-based hospital, and years 2 and 3 are completed in Waycross.

The challenge of family practice involves working with populations of all ages with a wide range of needs. Rotations include work with board-certified specialists in outpatient and inpatient settings. In addition to gaining knowledge, experience and confidence in the practice of medicine, this relationship assists residents in the crucial area of forming sound interpersonal relationships with patients, professional peers and other members of the patient care team.

Inpatient training takes place at Mayo Clinic Health System in Waycross. With a full range of services and a large population base, residents are ensured experience in recognizing and treating a broad spectrum of health concerns with ample resources and backup. Residents also gain experience in hospital administration by serving and participating on a committee of their choosing, and have opportunities for community involvement at hospital sponsored events. Equally important will be the opportunity to explore the central role the family medicine physician plays in rural communities and small towns, a lifestyle and professional commitment aspect of your medical career that requires the same first-hand experience as the remainder of the medical training.

Outpatient training occurs at Georgia Physicians South, a private, established community practice, where residents will have ample opportunity to develop a significant patient panel of their own. The most frequent procedures provided to patients with the family medicine center include chest x-ray and EKG interpretation, suture removal, cerumen removal, joint aspiration, laceration, incision and drainage of abscess, cryotherapy, lesion removal and nail removal.

By working in an active private practice, residents are exposed to the business aspects of medicine and gain insight into the business operations, from finance to human resources, insights will prove useful whether residents enter private practice, corporate medicine or other employment models.

The Mayo Clinic Health System–Waycross Residency program is an unopposed program that offers moving allowances. Training licenses, initial Georgia license fees and certification exam fees are paid. Conference funds are available each year, as well as opportunities for mentoring medical students and moonlighting for qualified residents.

Thank you for your interest in our program. Applications accepted through ERAS only.

Program Coordinator: call 912-287-4168 or email

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