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Patient rooms are private or semi-private, offering a warm and inviting environment for our patients.


Family members can visit in patient rooms, or in the dining or activity room.


Semi-private rooms have ample space for individualized care and attention.


Individuals who are generally age 60 and older, experiencing a significant crisis that requires immediate monitoring
and treatment may be admitted to this program.

Patients may be referred by their physician, or may be admitted directly through the Emergency Department at
Mayo Clinic Health System in Waycross. A comprehensive admission assessment includes a medical and 

psychiatric evaluation. Once admitted, a primary physician, nurse, social worker, and activity therapist are assigned to each patient.


The treatment plan is intensive and includes a blend of group therapy, with individualized therapy as needed,
seven days a week.


The program includes medical therapies, process group, leisure activities, and healthy living group. Cornerstones
of the program are confidentiality and continuity within and among the groups. This foundation fosters trust and