Master of Nursing

Master of Nursing programs require students to complete clinical hours focused on system-improvement projects where they can apply principles, concepts and critical-thinking skills. These experiences are an integral part of the nursing education process and we are pleased to support these experiences.

To initiate the Master of Nursing Clinical/Preceptorship Experience, complete the following steps:

  1. Submit a Clinical Experience Request Form.

Once accepted for a clinical placement:

  1. Review the Student Orientation Packet.
    1. Print, sign and submit to your academic organization, the Student Signature Page.
  2. Watch the following electronic medical record (EMR) videos:
    1. EMR Orientation.
    2. EMR Care Compass Overview.
  3. Review the following EMR quick references (if you will be accessing the EMR):
    1. EMR Login Instructions.
    2. Care Compass Overview.
    3. Care Compass Single-Patient View.
  4. Contact your preceptor to determine an initial meeting and ongoing schedule.
  5. Ensure you received your LAN ID/password information prior to your first day.
  6. Refer to the Student Parking Lot Map for parking information.

Click here to access the documents referenced above. 

Contact if you have questions about the Master of Nursing Clinical/Preceptorship Experience.