Faculty/Instructor Resources

To begin a student request, complete the following steps:

  1. For non-nursing, complete and submit the Clinical Experience Request Form. Nursing experiences are requested and approved in Student LINK.
Once the request is approved:
  1. Review the following documents (link below):
    1. Resource Packet Faculty
    2. Verifying Students Charting
    3. Clinical Nursing Instructor Learning Packet
  2. Complete the Computer Badge Access Request Form for each student group at least three weeks prior to the experience, and submit to maacademiccoordination@mayo.edu.
  3. Ensure students have submitted the required Student Signature Page to academic organization.
  4. Download and print copies of the Student Nurse Assignment Form to be placed on the patient care unit.
  5. Ensure students have received their LAN ID/password and EMR login/password information prior to their first day.
  6. Arrange to meet with the patient care manager and/or supervisor prior to clinical rotation start date.
  7. Refer to the Student Parking Lot Map for parking information.
  8. Use the Student Scavenger Hunt for unit/site orientation.

Click here to access the documents referenced above.