Clinic Services

Most of our patients' health care needs are met in the clinic setting. This includes routine examinations, as well as specialized care to manage challenging health conditions and urgent care needs. Services available in the clinic setting include:

  • Well-child care
  • Immunizations
  • School, sports and camp physicals
  • Gynecologic examinations
  • Treatment of minor illnesses
  • Management of fractures, including splinting and casting
  • IV therapy
  • Spinal tap
  • Minor surgical procedures, such as simple laceration (cut) repair
  • Diabetes monitoring and management
  • Asthma management
  • Contraceptive management
  • Assessment and treatment of eating disorders and nutritional concerns
  • Evaluation of sports injuries and musculoskeletal concerns
  • Treatment of skin conditions, including warts, acne, eczema and burns
  • Management of menstrual irregularities