Regional Pregnancy Care

The birth of a baby is an experience of unimagined joy and wonder. Because we know how special the birth of your baby is to you, how unique each family is, we want every birth to reflect your very personal preferences. Our family physicians offer the convenience of local prenatal appointments and will deliver your baby at Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital. We look forward to sharing one of the most joyous experiences in a lifetime...the birth of your baby.

Speak with your regular primary care provider or contact one of our specially-trained maternity counselors. They will be able to walk you through the choices available to you, such as:

  • pregnancy and parenting classes
  • the birthing experience itself
  • how involved you'd like your family to be
  • the type of pain management you'd like
  • whether to breastfeed

When you think about the other choices you make in all aspects of your busy life, it only makes sense that you would want to be fully involved in helping to guide your extraordinary baby into the world.

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