Child Bed-wetting Therapy

Occasional incontinence is a normal part of growing up. However, for children who have difficulty controlling their bowel and bladder, it can be a stressful and embarrassing situation. Fortunately, we offer new therapy methods to treat incontinence.

Treatment options include a complete evaluation looking at daytime voiding patterns, tracking nighttime episodes, and recording eating and drinking patterns. The evaluation also includes performing physical tests to determine muscle coordination, strength and relaxation ability.

Once the evaluation is complete, we will discuss your child’s condition and assess his or her willingness to participate in therapy. If your child is ready to participate, we recommend he or she attend a 45-minute therapy session once a week for six to eight visits.

The visits consist of a combination of education, biofeedback for improved pelvic floor and abdominal activation and relaxation, strengthening exercises and relaxation techniques, including breathing exercises and behavioral modifications. Scheduling of toileting and proper toileting positions also may be introduced. The visits are both challenging and fun.

For more information, talk to your child’s primary care provider or call 715-597-3121.