"Qigong (“chee-gung”), or "energy-skill", is an ancient Chinese meditation practice in the tradition of Tai Chi, which combines visualization, breath and posture to restore and maintain a natural state of mind-body vibrancy and balance, regardless of age or health condition.

The practice entails coordinating slow movements with breathing to cultivate the flow of energy, or Qi (chee), in a sort of graceful, fluid dance. It is a form of exercise, but is much less a muscle-based workout and more of a mindful energetic-based practice.

Practitioners say that Qigong helps alleviate joint and muscle aches, increases energy and deepens their breathing. It can create a very peaceful feeling. Qigong practice teaches us to go into stillness, which in turn improves concentration and memory. The movements are smooth and rhythmic, teaching balance and increasing flexibility. Qigong also facilitates core strength, balances blood pressure and helps the body remove toxins.

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