Feeling rushed, anxious or panicky? Try meditation for stress reduction.

Meditation is probably one of the healthiest, safest, timeliest and most regenerative practices we can undertake. It is directly applicable to the stresses and strains of everyday life.

The deep relaxation that comes with practice during meditation lowers your blood pressure, eases muscle strain and helps release tension from our bodies. Psychologically, meditation teaches us compassion, and tolerance, and helps us to be aware of our thoughts and feelings before we act on them. It strengthens our concentration, and helps us to focus more clearly.

There is no invocation involved, no complicated rituals or ceremonies, nothing difficult. It will not harm us in any way; meditation will only help.

In a world that often convulses with confusion and misunderstanding and violence, the capacity to remain calm, compassionate, and insightful is urgently needed. Meditation can help us enhance those qualities through the art of nonjudgmental observation. We can learn to identify destructive emotions, patterns of behavior, and reactions as they form within us.

When we become busy and at times overworked, we often find ourselves physically and emotionally exhausted. Responsibilities have a way of dragging us down. Meditation teaches us how to conserve and regenerate energy.

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