Guided Imagery

Guided imagery focuses your attention on relaxing and healing images. It uses words and often music to take the listener on an inner journey for a particular purpose. Guided imagery can bring about a state of mind and body most conducive to healing through deep relaxation and positive focus.

What it can do for you
With guided imagery and creative visualization, you use your imagination to create what you want and need in your life, whether it is guidance from Spirit, working through a problem, healing, peace, or having a deeper intimacy with yourself.

Creative visualization connects the word symbols to our feelings and then to our beliefs, uniting our mind, body and emotions with Spirit. By making this connection, wishes change and desires can happen. Its the belief that we create our own reality and that is what we think is what we get. Two major ingredients to guided imagery and creative visualization are a deep intention and Spirit. When you have a deep intention, you know that God will provide you with what is truly for your highest good. And Spirit only wants us to succeed and be all that we are.

How it can help
Guided imagery has proven to be a valuable technique for those dealing with stress and anxiety or simply concerned with their overall well-being. Its also beneficial for those preparing for or recovering from surgical procedures or coping with the effects of chemotherapy.

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