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True health can be expressed when there is integration of all aspects of a person's being; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Understanding our total health, not just of the body, but the mind and the spirit enhances our own natural healing processes allowing one to feel more empowered, have more energy, and experience tranquility.

We blend the demonstrated wisdom of holistic therapies with the proven practices of conventional medicine. Our Integrative Therapies team understands the total picture of a patient's well being, and can tailor evidence-based recommendations from an integrative perspective. These therapies are designed to enhance, not replace, regular medical care.

It has been proven that complementary therapies, when included as part of an overall treatment plan can improve outcomes for a wide variety of health conditions. With this type of support, an individual is empowered in following a unique and personalized path to wellness.

View a brief video on Complementary and Integrative Medicine at Mayo Clinic.

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Center for Health and Healing
Come experience the demonstrated wisdom of Integrative Therapies in the beautiful healing environment of the Center for Health and Healing located within Mayo Clinic Health System in Onalaska. In an environment of beauty, acceptance and compassion, the healthcare team provides access to a holistic approach to healthcare. The patient is offered access to both medical care and integrative therapies. Both can help to activate the healing potential by encompassing body, mind, spirit, and emotions.


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