Relax, Reduce Stress and Promote Healing with Energy

Registration Number: 608-392-9717
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6pm to 7:30pm

Cost: No charge

Energy healing is a branch of integrative medicine holding the belief that a healer can channel life force and spiritual energy through their hands to the patient. By placing their hands on, or near, a patient, they are able to detect and affect the patient's energy field.  The healer or therapist, in this view, acts as a human energy support system until the healee's own immunological system is robust enough to take over and in essence heal his or her self. 

Join Stephanie Lovlien as she demonstrates the benefits of healing energy including how it can be used to reduce stress and anxiety, increase one’s sense of well-being and ability to relax. Energy healing revitalizes and balances one’s life force energy.

“I personally find it fascinating that everyone who has ever received the healing energy that comes through my hands have commented on how hot my hands feel, how they have felt extreme relaxation, and extreme peace and calm,” says Lovlien. “I love that the Energy can be channeled on all people at all times, there are no contraindications; people going through any stress in their life from cancer treatment to surgery to divorce all say they find a benefit from the treatment.”

Location: Lower Level Conference Room, Onalaska Clinic, 191 Theater Road