Medicare Patients

Mayo Clinic Health System – Oakridge's clinics are "hospital based," which means Medicare rules require some of your services to be divided and billed as two separate charges. The following information is provided to help you understand these rules and how they affect your billing statement.

Why are some services divided into two charges?

Medicare rules require hospital-based clinics to bill some services as two separate charges. One charge is to compensate the provider for his/her services (provider fee). The other charge is necessary to cover other expenses such as nursing staff, supplies, equipment costs and building expenses (facility fee).

What kinds of services are divided into two charges?

Clinic services (including office visits and some procedures performed in the office), X-ray, laboratory and EKG charges are the most common types.

Does this mean I am being billed twice for the same service?

No. The total of the two charges that are billed separately is equal to the full charge for the service. Mayo Clinic Health System – Oakridge will submit all claims to Medicare.

What about my Medicare supplemental insurance?

We file separate charges for the provider and facility fees to your Medicare supplemental insurance.

What should I do with this information?

We suggest you keep this information for future reference to assist you in understanding your Explanation of Medicare Benefits (EOMB) and your Mayo Clinic Health System – Oakridge billing statement.

If you need assistance, please call 1-888-838-6193 (toll free) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.