Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine

A healthy workforce is important for your success. We can help support your team with prevention, treatment, return-to-work and wellness initiatives:

  • Prevent and manage occupational and environmental injuries, illnesses and disabilities
  • Preserve your employees’ health with experts who specialize in occupational medicine
  • Offer customized worksite wellness services
  • Provide customer-focused workers’ compensation coordination
  • Help identifying your employees’ health strengths and needs
  • Support with wellness programming
  • Provide connectedness with Mayo Clinic Health System resources to keep employees healthy and productive

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Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Center
800-236-9671 (toll-free)

715-838-5279 (appointments)

Where to Find Us

Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Center
2407 Stout Road
Menomonie, WI 54751

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