Childbirth Education & Parenting Resources

Childbirth Education classes & parenting resources are offered at BarronEau Claire and Menomonie. See each Classes & Events page for local class dates, conference room locations and costs.

Registration is required for all prenatal and postpartum classes; class sizes are limited.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters Class
This class is designed for soon-to-be big brothers and big sisters, as well as their parents. Children will learn about diapering, swaddling and the important role of being a big brother or sister. Parents must accompany children. Siblings attending in Menomonie should bring a stuffed animal. Class geared toward siblings ages 3 to 9.
Class offered in Barron, Eau Claire and Menomonie.

Breast-feeding Education
This class is designed for women who are considering breast-feeding or those who have decided to breast-feed. It covers the benefits of breast-feeding and information needed to achieve breast-feeding goals. Support people welcome. Babies are encouraged to attend in Barron and Menomonie.
Class offered in Barron, Eau Claire and Menomonie.

Car Seat Safety Checks
Prior to baby’s arrival, expectant parents receive an instructional car seat DVD that includes information on proper car seat size and installation. Additional education resources are available online.

Infant Massage Class
Parents or caregivers participate with their child in a class setting to learn massage techniques to soothe, support and communicate with their infants. Private, one-on-one sessions are also available for a fee by appointment in Barron and Eau Claire.
Class offered in Barron and Eau Claire.

Mom & Me...The Milky Way
New and expecting moms wanting to breast-feed are invited to a group discussion on breast-feeding. Those who have breast-fed in the past are invited to attend and share their experiences. Babies welcome.
Class offered in Barron.

Newborn Care
This one-session class is for women in the seventh to ninth month of pregnancy or those who have recently delivered. A support person is welcome. Topics include parenting, feeding baby, bath time, sleep patterns and signs of illness.
Class offered in Eau Claire.

Preparing for Delivery Classes
Support person is welcome at all classes.

  • Birth Basics
    This two-session or one-day class is designed for women in their seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. It includes a facility tour and information on labor, delivery, cesarean birth and pain management. See Prepared Birthing for a more in-depth class.
    Class offered in Eau Claire.
  • Childbirth Preparation Class
    This four-session or one-day class is for first-time parents or those who need a refresher. Class includes a facility tour and information on labor, delivery, cesarean birth, pain management and newborn care. Bring two pillows and a blanket to class.
    Class offered in Menomonie.
  • Prenatal Workshop & Caring for Baby Class 
  • This one-day workshop is designed to help parents-to-be prepare for their new baby. Learn about labor and delivery as well as caring for your newborn. Bring massage oil or lotion for practicing hand massage.
    Class offered in Barron.
  • Prepared Birthing
    This five-week course is for women in their sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. Class includes a facility tour; discussions about labor, birth and early postpartum; and instruction in comfort measures, massage techniques and labor support.
    Class offered in Eau Claire.