Pain Management Options

Pain control and pain management during labor and delivery is very different for each person. We offer many options to meet your individual needs. We would like you to consider and explore the options that we offer. Please talk with your provider if you have any questions.

Nonmedication comfort measures

Comfort measures and labor support are encouraged and promoted, as this can be one of the most effective resources you have during childbirth. Your labor partner/coach and the professional nursing staff at our facility will help you initiate comfort measures that you may find helpful. Many women relax, walk, listen to music, breath in a pattern, shower or use our whirlpool tub to help deal with their labor pain. Practicing breathing and relaxation techniques may help you overcome some of the tension and fear you may feel during labor. Comfort measures can also enhance the effects of any anesthetic or medications that you may choose.

Medicated options

  • Continuous labor epidural (CLE)
  • Intrathecal narcotic (ITN)
  • Intravenous narcotic (IVN)