Patient and Family Advisory Council

The medical center's Patient and Family Advisory Council was formed in October 2004 to help the center understand the needs and wants of their patients and families.

The purpose of the council is to promote patient and family-centered care by:

  • Collaborating with staff to improve the quality of service provided
  • Assisting in the identification of opportunities that will improve patient and family satisfaction
  • Offering input to leadership in the planning and evaluation of services
  • Serving as a vital link between the medical center and the community

The council has taken on a variety of projects, including improving accessibility for wheelchair users, health care literacy challenges, evaluation of health history forms and developing a script for appointment staff to use with new patients to explain required paperwork.

The council is composed of community members and medical center staff members. The council is always actively seeking additional membership from the community.

To learn more about the Patient and Family Advisory Council or to share ideas for the council to consider, contact Rebecca Rahn at 715-464-2403.