Visiting Guidelines

Visitors are asked to follow these general guidelines:

  • Visitors should consult with a doctor or nurse before bringing food, beverages or medications to a patient. 
  • Visitors must wear shirts and shoes.
  • Visitors must supervise children at all times. 
  • Visitors should be considerate of both patients in semi-private rooms.
  • Visitors should talk quietly in patient care areas. 
  • Visitors should wash their hands before entering and after leaving a patient's room.
  • People with colds, sore throats or any contagious diseases should not visit patients. 

At times, we may limit visitors or ask them to leave. This may be due to an emergency, a problem on the unit or a safety concern. A staff member will let visitors know when they may return to the patient's room. 

We have the right to limit visitors due to: 

  • Actions that threaten a patient, hospital staff or others. 
  • Actions that disrupt a patient care unit. 
  • A patient's need for privacy, rest or general plan of care. 
  • Another patient's need for privacy, rest or general plan of care. 
  • A court order that prevents contact.
  • The risk of spreading an infection to a patient or visitor. 
  • Treatment protocols requiring restricted visitation. 
  • Pandemic, infectious disease outbreak or other emergency.