Exercise is Medicine Program


What is Exercise is Medicine?

Exercise is Medicine is a medically-supervised program for people who have or are at risk for developing chronic diseases. The program is prescribed by your health care provider and includes exercise, education and counseling. Engaging in a regular exercise routine and healthy behaviors can slow down or prevent disease.

How can the program help me?

The program offers a safe and effective way to help you:

  • Feel better (physically and mentally) and increase strength
  • Reduce stress and increase confidence
  • Break unwanted habits (tobacco, unhealthy diet, etc.)
  • Develop new healthy habits
  • Lower your risk of future health problems
  • Start a regular exercise routine

How often do I attend and for how long?

Exercise goals are different for everyone. The team will help you design a plan that will best meet your specific needs. One-hour exercise sessions are scheduled Monday through Friday, at various times in the morning and afternoon. The program can range from one or two sessions to several months. Times and frequency will be based on individual goals and preferences.

Who makes up the team?

The team will include your health care provider, clinical exercise specialists, registered nurses and you, the most important member! Dietitians, diabetes educators and behavioral health counselors are also available to you if you needed.

Is there a cost for the program?

Yes. Medicare does not cover this program. Insurance coverage may vary so you are encouraged to check with your individual insurance plan.

How do I register?

To register or for more information please call 507-385-2607 or 1-800-327-3721 (toll-free).

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