Women's Imaging Center

The Women's Imaging Center provides the following services for women:

Because everything is in one location, efficiency and effectiveness are increased — which reduces wait times and improves your outcome. For example, if you have a routine screening mammogram and the radiologist detects something abnormal, a second exam can be done — usually the same day. If a biopsy is needed, that can also be done very quickly — even the same day. Once the pathology (lab work) has been done on the biopsy, a surgeon can meet with you in a very short period of time. 

All of this reduces the time you spend waiting between appointments and the anxiety associated with waiting. In addition, faster treatment typically means a better outcome.

If you receive an abnormal mammogram and need further imaging, a breast cancer care coordinator will partner with you throughout the entire process. 

Watch Ginny Clementson, a Mayo Clinic Health System nurse practitioner who practices in obstetrics and gynecology, talk about women's health on Speaking of Health.


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