Your Palliative Care Team

Support and understanding from a specially trained team of professionals

Your palliative care team includes professionals and clinicians with diverse training, skills and talents. We are experienced in counseling individuals and families through what can be the most difficult times in their lives.

Our palliative care team includes:

  • Specialized physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners
  • Social workers for support, counseling and legacy development
  • Healing arts practitioners for massage and other soothing therapies
  • A chaplain who can offer support and guidance around personal issues of meaning and purpose during times of change
  • Carefully selected and trained volunteers from the community, who can provide companionship during sometimes long and lonely hospital days
  • Members of our extended team, such as physical and speech therapists, hospice and home health liaisons, pharmacists and others as needed

Watch Dr. Ingram talk about the Personal Care Initiative. This is an initiative to transform the care of seriously ill patients and families through the engagement of our communities, and development of a new care team model for the delivery of palliative care.