If you have had a cesarean birth, you will have ice chips for 12-24 hours following your surgery and then advance to clear liquids. Once you have passed gas, you will be advanced to a regular diet. Patients who have experienced a vaginal birth will begin with clear liquids shortly after birth and then progress to a regular diet. Your labor partner is welcome to purchase a tray in the cafeteria and bring that meal up and join you.

In order to server you better, we have developed an innovative meal preparation and delivery system. At Your Request, meals may be ordered ANYTIME during the day between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. (seven days a week). The ordering process is very simple: dial ext. 3663 on your room phone and one of our qualified staff members will take your meal order. Your order will be verified and prepared according to your preferences and prescribed diet.

Following preparation, the meal will be delivered to your bedside within 45 minutes. If you need assistance in setting up the bedside table or opening any containers, contact one of your health care team members.