Delivery and Immediate Postpartum Recovery

Vaginal deliveries take place in the room where you labor. During your labor, a nurse will set up your room to prepare for your delivery. A cesarean birth operating room is available on the unit should it be needed. Your nurse will remain in contact with other members of your health care team as needed during your labor. As you near the time of delivery, your provider will be called. Your support person(s) is welcome to be present during your labor and delivery. Your nurse will work with you to determine who will be with you at the time of delivery. It is important for your health care team to have enough space for equipment in order to provide you and your newborn with the safest care possible. Please feel free to photograph and/or videotape as much of the delivery as you would like.

After you deliver, your nurse will assess your vital signs, fundus (feeling through your abdomen for the top of your uterus) and lochia (bloody discharge from your uterus that flows out your vagina) at least every 15 minutes for the first hour after you have delivered, then every 30 minutes for the next hour (and longer if there are concerns). We encourage breast-feeding moms to nurse as soon as possible after delivery. Your nurse will help you as needed.

After delivery and recovery you will be moved to a room where you will spend the remainder of your hospital stay. After your recovery period, you will be given regular food as tolerated.

The employees of the Family Birth Center wish to extend our congratulations to you and your family.