Prescription Refills

When you have 7 to 10 days of medication left: 

  • Call your pharmacy to check on remaining refills. 
If you have no remaining refills at your pharmacy:
  • Have the pharmacist contact your health care provider's office to see if your medication can be refilled. You may need an appointment before the medication can be reviewed. 
  • Contact your health care team online through Patient Online Services
  • Allow at least three days to process your refill request. 
Clinic visits:
  • Always bring your medications, vitamins and herbal supplements to each office visit. 
  • Talk with your provider about refills at the time of your office visit to plan for upcoming needs. 
At the pharmacy: 
  • Always double-check your prescription for accuracy before you leave the pharmacy. 
  • Remember the brand names may change, but the generic medication and dose should always match your previous prescription. 
Special medications: 
  • Certain medications used for pain, anxiety or ADHD require a written prescription. Contact the clinic to coordinate pickup of the prescription. We do request photo ID to pick up these prescriptions. Allow at least three full business days to fulfill your request.