Mission and Vision

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire hope in order to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of our patients, families and staff through:

  • Integrated clinical practice
    • By sharing with other disciplines in interdisciplinary rounds and through other interactions with staff rather than acting solo.
    • By working as a fellow team member collaborating with other disciplines in the overall patients plan of care.
  • Research
    • By utilizing best practices in spiritual care.
    • By collecting information on the effectiveness of pastoral outcomes and on other processes by the usage of metrics and research.
  • Education
    • By providing on-going continuing education to departmental chaplains and other health care staff through in-services and the like.
    • By providing pastoral care training opportunities through Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) internships and CEUs to help spiritual care providers to grow in their competency to meet spiritual needs of people.

Our vision

Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato chaplain services will seek to be the premier patient centered and academic Chaplain Services Department through: 

  • Assessing and meeting the spiritual needs of our patients so that these can achieve the highest level of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.
  • Leading the way as a benchmark for research in formulating best practices in chaplain services.
  • Providing pastoral and theological training opportunities so that we can have trained staff who are all committed to lifelong learning, with our patients receiving the benefits through better outcomes.  

Our philosophy

We witness to the healing, loving, and sustaining presence of God in the midst of all of life, recognizing that this presence is called by many names and experienced in many ways.

Our mission is to enhance patient care through the strengthening of spiritual resources and community support of the patient, their families, friends, and staff.

We affirm the inter-relatedness of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the human condition.

Our mission is to encourage, support, and participate in providing sensitive and respectful holistic care to all patients, families, friends, and staff that Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato, together with its medical staff and affiliated organizations, will be the health care providers of choice among residents in the region.

We believe that, as an integral part of a community health care institution.

Our mission is to provide pro-active, professional spiritual care which supports, encourages, and edifies patients, families, friends, and caregivers.

We acknowledge the increasingly great spiritual and cultural diversity of our patients, their families, and staff.

Our mission is to respect and affirm the patient, their families and staff in their specific faith and cultural framework.