Covenant of employees to patients and families

  • By showing up, being present, paying attention, letting go of the outcomes, and leaving the rest up to God.
  • By being aware of our personality and how we come across to patients and families by communicating and flexing with them.
  • By creating an atmosphere of graciousness, respect and professionalism towards all patients and people whom we relate regardless of religious affiliation or no religious affiliation at all.
  • By providing rituals and other services for healing and comfort in a timely and efficient manner.
  • By showing the same compassion to all regardless of who the person is or what he/she believes.
  • By encouraging and supporting patients, their families, our fellow members of the health care staff, clergy and churches in the community and each other in chaplain services through the usage of mutual respect and strengthening such relationships.
  • By promising to consult within 15 minutes of receiving a referral so that the patient, family, or staff might be strengthened in his inner soul and have his spiritual needs met at the exact moment of crisis or within shortly thereafter.
  • By promising to make the patients needs come first.
  • By showing sensitivity to a patient's spiritual and cultural needs and differences.
  • By being present without judgment.

Covenant of employees to the director, each other and the community

  • By promoting safety.
  • By showing our effective patient interventions and outcomes by being accountable for both our positive and negative outcomes in a spirit of transparency with each other.
  • By being aware of our personality and how we come across to each other and communicating with each other so as to flex and to mesh with one another.
  • By sharing our stories within our chaplain group through both verbal and written so that we can all learn from one another.
  • By telling Chaplain Gary or Chaplain Jacek of service recovery situations.
  • By applying the learning from our personal and professional experiences in chaplain services with Chaplain Creech and Chaplain Jacek along with your fellow chaplains and thus promoting transparency as a means to grow rather than as a punitive measure in interpersonal contacts.
  • By utilizing and mobilizing community resources and serving as a resource to work with them as a collaborator to meet peoples spiritual needs.
  • By promising to be efficient with all of our resources by routinely checking our outcomes against our strategic initiatives, departmental goals and action plans.