Chaplain Staff

Full-time chaplains

Chaplain Gary Creech and Chaplain Jacek Soroka serve as full time chaplains at Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato. Full time chaplains are board certified or board eligible. Chaplain Creech Serves as director, while Chaplain Jacek serves in the role of hospital/hospice chaplain. They serve during regular weekday hours and also provide on-call service for Hospice 24/7, while the associate chaplains serve as on-call for the hospital after hours.

Associate chaplains

Associate chaplains are on-call weeknights and weekends on a rotation. Most have had some Bible college or seminary, while others have completed a unit of clinical pastoral education. A unit is equivalent to 400 hours of practicum in the field of chaplaincy.

Volunteer weekday chaplains

Volunteer chaplains serve our department doing selected visitation to people who have less serious needs. By helping fill these slots, this allows Chaplain Creech to visit patients which are much more acute. These volunteers do a few hours of community service weekly in the hospital and have received specific chaplain training to do the work. Volunteer chaplains fulfill a variety of roles, not just visiting.

Volunteer Catholic communion chaplains

Volunteer catholic chaplains serve on a rotating schedule to deliver Communion and meet other special needs of our catholic patients. They serve on a rotating basis and deliver Communion once a day.