About Your Stay

Hospital Stay

During your stay, you will have a team of health care professionals who are committed to providing you with the highest quality care. Your team may include providers, nurses, discharge planners, as well as lab, radiology technologists, technicians, therapists, patient transporters, social workers and dietitians

Many of these health care professionals wear color-coded uniforms to help you easily identify their role. Those you will see most often include: 

  • Registered nurses (R.N.) – Responsible for providing your care, administering medications and assessments. R.N.s wear royal blue attire. 
  • Patient care assistants (P.C.A.) – Assist R.N.s in providing your care. P.C.A.s wear burgundy attire. 

The providers who care for you during your stay can be hospitalists and/or consultants. Hospitalists are internal medicine or family medicine providers who care in the hospital setting. Consultants are specialty providers, such as cardiologists, surgeons and neurologists, who are consulted to provide your care. 

Your nurse and caregivers will write the names of your care team on the white board in your room along with areas of focus that are important to your care. 

For additional information about your stay, visit the following pages:

  • Amenities – ATMs, dining facilities, chaplain services, gift shop, language/interpreter services, newspaper delivery and more. 
  • Care Team Visits – See when your doctors, nurses and other staff will be taking care of you. 
  • Meals – Information about room service dining.
  • Partners in Care – You play an important role in your care. Stay informed, ask questions and speak up if you have concerns. 
  • Patient Privacy – Mayo Clinic has always been a leader in protecting patients' medical information. 
  • Patient Rights and Responsibilities – You have specific rights and responsibilities that will help make your care as safe and effective as possible.
  • Patient Safety – Keeping you safe while in our care is important to us. Watch a video about patient safety.
  • Pharmacy Services – All medications given during your stay are reviewed by a pharmacist. 
  • Social Services – Social workers can help you in multiple ways, including acting as a referral service to community agencies and helping you make necessary arrangements for leaving the hospital. 
  • Visitors Guide – If you have family and friends coming to visit you during your hospital stay, review our visitors guide for information on local hotel accommodations, visiting hours and more.