Diabetes Education

Take charge of your diabetes! 

When you have diabetes, you discover there is a lot to learn. You may have questions about nutrition and meal planning, exercise, blood glucose monitoring or insulin injections.

You may also have strong feelings to work through—your lifestyle has changed dramatically, and change can be difficult.

Our goal is to teach you and your family how to manage your disease well. We believe through knowledge and support, you can achieve healthy living and greater independence.

Our multidisciplinary education team, consisting of nurses and dietitians with specialized training in diabetes, will help you learn the concepts and skills necessary for day-to-day management.

Our diabetes patient education program has been awarded recognition by the American Diabetes Association in accordance with the national standards for diabetes patient education programs. 

You have the option to be seen individually or in a group class. Please tell the receptionist your preference when making your appointment. 

Medicare allows two hours of diabetes education each year. Coverage by other insurance companies may vary.

Diabetes education classes

  • Initial group classes provide support and training for care of your diabetes. Group classes are available for people with diabetes, who have not had prior diabetes education. Plan on attending two classes. Each class will be approximately two hours in length. 
  • Annual review classes provide ongoing learning and support. They also reinforce previous training and education toward diabetes self management. Plan on attending one review class yearly. 

Additional information:

  • A physician referral is needed for registration. Contact your physician for a referral. 
  • Register at least five days before the class you plan to attend. 
  • Check in 15 minutes before all classes. 
  • Bring your log book and blood glucose meter. 
  • Feel free to bring a friend or family member as your guest. 
  • The American Diabetes Association recommends attending a diabetes education class when diagnosed and annually. 
  • Classes are taught by your local diabetes education team. 
View our Diabetes Education Brochure for class dates, times and locations. 

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