Women's Health and Incontinence

Aging, illness and pregnancies may contribute many changes in a woman’s body. These changes may include pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary incontinence, postural changes, weakened core and back pain. Through physical therapy, a home exercise program will be developed for you. This program will help address your issue and will also improve your posture and decrease pain.


Pre-natal preventative services which address postural, pelvic floor and core changes in your body and exercises to prevent pain, urinary incontinence and diastasis recti (split of abdominal muscles related to pregnancy).

The provided pre/post natal services focus on back pain, foot pain, urinary incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Physical therapists provide services that address the following:

  • Assistance in alleviating low back pain and sciatica
  • Bracing and support garments for pregnancy
  • Strengthening exercises for core stability (trunk and abdominal muscles)
  • Starting or advancing exercises during pregnancy
  • Return to activity and exercise after pregnancy
  • Pelvic floor stability and Kegel exercises for present or future episodes of incontinence
  • Proper breathing techniques
  • Relaxation training before and during labor
  • Positioning for labor
  • Alternative options to assist with pain during labor (TENS unit)
  • Posture and body mechanics during and after pregnancy (sleeping positions, lifting and carrying children, breast and bottle-feeding positions)