Wellness Classes


Mayo Clinic Health System in Lake City offers a variety of yoga classes throughout the year. Mayoclinic.org describes yoga as a mind-body practice that combines stretching exercises, controlled breathing and relaxation. Yoga can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve heart function. And almost anyone can do it!

Yoga classes at Mayo Clinic Health System are generally taught in six-week sessions. Sessions begin on an on-going basis.


Tai Chi for seniors

Mayoclinic.org describes Tai Chi as “meditation in motion” because it promotes serenity through gentle movements — connection the mind and body. Originally developed in ancient China for self-defense, Tai Chi evolved into a graceful form of exercise that’s now used for stress reduction and to help with a variety of other health conditions.

Mayo Clinic Health System in Lake City offers Tai Chi for seniors. Classes are generally taught in six-week sessions on an on-going basis.

You can find more information about upcoming classes, including how to register, on our Classes & Events page.