ImPact (immediate post concussion assessment and cognitive testing) provides computerized neuro-cognitive assessments to assist health care providers in determining whether you are safe to return to play after suffering a concussion.

Services are provided to athletes in 8th and 10th grade who participate in high school sporting activities.

Assessments include:

  • Baseline Testing
    • $10 per athlete
    • Occurs during 8th and 10th grade
    • Determines baseline neurocognitive abilities
    • Measures verbal and visual memory, processing speed and reaction time
  • Post-Concussion Testing (if necessary)
    • Athlete retested to determine if an to what extent impairments exist
  • Concussion assessment
    • Additional Mayo concussion and balance assessment performed for well-rounded analysis
    • Return to play plan established
    • With complex concussion symptoms, established referral protocols are made to Mayo Clinic Rochester concussion team