Orthotics makes fabrications of your personalized inserts for your heel and/or sole. The inserts provide support for your foot when you are standing by distributing pressure and realigning your foot joints.


  • Initial evaluation (60 minutes)
    • Your feet and lower extremity mechanics will be assessed.
    • An analysis of your postural alignment will be made.
    • You will be educated about stretches and exercises.
    • A plaster cast will be taken of your foot and sent to the podiatric lab.
    • Your custom orthotics will be created.
    • Stretches and exercises will be suggested to you by the therapist.
    • Most insurance companies cover this initial evaluation. Personal cost for orthotics is $80.
  • Formation of plaster foot mold
  • Orthotic fitting
    • Your orthotics will be fitted to your shoes.
    • You will receive education regarding appropriate use and care of your orthotics.
    • Your postural alignment with orthotics will be reassessed.
    • You will evaluate the comfort and fit of your orthotics.
    • Any changes or adjustments can be scheduled at a later date if needed.

Who uses these services?

  • Adults and children with malalignment originating from feet
  • Hip, back, ankle, and knee pain patients
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Patients whose jobs require extended periods of standing/walking
  • Pes planus (flat feet) patients
  • Arthritis and degenerative joint diseases patients

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