Overview of Orthopedic Rehab Services

Initial Evaluation (60 minutes)

  • You will discuss your medical history with your therapist
  • The therapist will do a physical assessment of your injury and joint function
  • The therapist will then take a posture assessment
  • You will take a strength test
  • Your range of motion will be tested
  • The therapist will do a neurological evaluation
  • You will have balance and mobility testing
  • The therapist will then take a gait assessment
  • You will have special testing to determine the degree of your injury
  • The therapist will show you manual techniques
  • Tapping
  • Supportive devices
  • You and your therapist will develop a treatment/home plan with exercises and stretches.
  • You will be educated on specific injury mechanisms and healing processes
  • Lastly, you will determine a plan of care and timeframe for your likely recovery

Follow Up

  • Your therapist will asses your response to your treatment and home program
  • Your current symptoms will be re-evaluated
  • Your therapist will assess your goals
  • Your home exercise program will be modified to adapt to the progress you have made
  • Your treatment plan will be progressed to include functional/sport specific exercises
  • You will be addressed about your safe return to sports


  • Once your goals are met, you will be discharged with a plan for a continued home exercise program to maintain relief of symptoms.
  • Your discharge is dependent on the progress towards your goals, your tolerance of prescribed exercises and your specific needs.