Initial Assessment (90 minutes)

  • You and your physical therapist will review your medical history.
  • Your therapist will identify your risk factors and discuss them with you.
  • In order to determine your cardiovascular exercise tolerance, you will have an initial physical assessment with a brief exercise session.
  • You will then work with your therapist to set up a schedule to complete 60 minute sessions three times a week. Your goal will be to increase your work out to 45 minutes of continuous cardiovascular endurance exercise.

Exercise Sessions (Phase II)

  • Generally you will schedule your exercises sessions for three times a week for twelve weeks. Most insurance companies cover up to 36 sessions.
  • Your sessions will be EKG monitored.
  • In order to maintain a safe exercise capacity, your heart rate and blood pressure will be taken throughout the session.

Maintenance (Phase III)

  • Continuing with your established cardiovascular exercise program is optional at this point. If you want to maintain benefits in a monitored setting up to twice a week, you can continue onto this maintenance phase.
  • You have a maximum of 12 weeks after you complete your Phase II exercise sessions to enroll in Phase III maintenance.

Education Topics

  • Discuss anatomy and physiology related to cardiac health and exercise with your therapist.
  • Learn about risk factors and strategies for improving your cardiac and overall health and wellness.
  • Learn about expected medications for managing your cardiac symptoms and potential side effects.