Urology: Scheduling Your Surgery

Generally, surgery can be scheduled at the time of your office visit (unless further testing needs to be performed). Therefore, please bring your personal calendar with you to your appointment in order to assist you in the scheduling process. Please recognize that the scheduling process involves coordinating your preferences and needs, surgeon availability, and operating room availability. Our Urologists perform surgery in the Center for Advanced Medicine and Surgery (CAMS) building.

Preparing for Surgery
The admission nurse will call you the business day prior to your scheduled surgery to inform you of the time you should arrive for surgery. You will be asked to come 1 to 2 hours prior to your scheduled surgery time, to prepare you for surgery. Should you need to contact the admission nurse, you may reach her at 608-392-2487 or 1-800-362-5454, extension 2487.

Before Your Surgery
Do not eat or drink after midnight, the night before surgery. You may take your morning medication with a small sip of water on the day of surgery. If you are diabetic, please consult your provider for instructions regarding your diabetic medications. If you are having vascular surgery, continue to take your aspirin, even on the day of surgery. In addition, if you are taking blood-thinning medications (i.e., coumadin, Plavix, Pletal, NSAIDS), please consult your provider for instructions regarding these medications.

After Your Surgery
While in the Day Surgery Unit or the in-patient surgical floor, you will receive postoperative instructions, from your nurses, pertaining specifically to your type of surgery. You will be instructed on wound care, medications, activity or diet restrictions, and what to expect in the healing process.


If you notice any signs or symptoms of infection after surgery, you should contact the Urologist's office right away at 608-392-9883. Signs and symptoms of infection include redness on the skin around the incision, warmth on the skin around the incision, fever and/or chills, increased pain or tenderness, and purulent drainage from the incision. If you do not have a drain, you may shower in 48 hours. If you have steri-strips in place, please leave them intact. You may drive when you are completely off pain medications.

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